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By Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, and Tom Shefchunas

Every kid needs to be known by someone and to belong somewhere. Most leaders agree. That’s one reason for a shift in the way many churches are discipling their children and teenagers. Think of it this way: connecting kids to a consistent leader who believes in God and believes in them is something the church can do that nothing else in culture does.

When Relationships Matter from Orange Books explores three values and nine practices that will help you rethink and improve your small group strategy, including…

  • How to improve your small group structure
  • How to empower your small group leaders
  • How to create engaging and impactful experiences for children and teens

Best practices, training tips, and real-life stories from ministry leaders across the country—this book has what you need to create an effective small group culture in your church.

If you’re looking for practicable ideas that will help you train and equip small group leaders, as well as create a culture in which small groups win, this book is for you.

We are seeing an epidemic rise in bullying, emotional abuse, depression, self-harm, and suicide among kids and teenagers. Too many kids are feeling invisible or ignored.
Our kids need more than just deeper worship songs, deeper Bible studies, or deeper theological debates to lead them down a path of hope and meaningful faith.
They need something far more personal—an important life skill we all need to figure out.
It’s Personal, new from Orange Books, is a call for all of us to connect more deeply and individually with the children and teens in our lives—to really get personal. That means:

  • Honoring their personal worth
  • Respecting their personal voice
  • Investing in their personal dreams

As ministry leaders, it’s imperative for us to challenge ourselves to develop authentic relationships and get closer to the frontlines, where kids are hurting.
If you want to be a transformational leader who offers hope in a world of hopelessness, then it has to be personal. This book will be your guide.

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